About Us

The mission of the Promise Land Community Development is to develop and finance affordable housing and strengthen neighborhoods in partnership with residents, local government, financial institutions and the business community.

Despite Richmond County's economy, a significant portion of the housing stock is aging. Consequently older sections, especially in the South Augusta, are in jeopardy of experiencing the kind of decay and social divisions that have plagued older urban centers around the nation.

Promise Land
has enjoyed remarkable success in turning a marginal neighborhood into attractive, desirable and affordable places to live by developing and preserving quality residential housing.

PLCDC also provides a number of programs that help residents create a stronger, more vibrant neighborhood. These programs have helped homeowners improve their homes and neighborhood, and ultimately improve the quality of their lives.

An Ever Increasing Demand

With the ever-increasing and critical demand for affordable housing in the county, Promise Land programs and services are becoming more important. We are committed to:

1. Developing affordable housing programs to meet our clients needs as they strive to become homeowners.

2. Expanding our home ownership education and counseling programs to include post purchase education, financial literacy and the dangers of predatory lending.

3. Increasing our homeowner rehab program to help enhance neighborhoods and maintain property values.

4. Developing new affordable housing and preserving existing housing.

5. Identifying new neighborhoods and markets that will benefit from our programs

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